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Information data string GROUP 154 – Lord Byron … carbon atomic poetry codes and the AB blood type ….. software messages in AB external poem format

Information string flowcharts by Herb Zinser reviews LANGUAGE word clues about subset math and science word clues in books, newspapers, magazines, etc.List of pages and topics … covered later with the numbered, handwritten pagesPage2 President Kennedy and Tamir Rice mirror3 President hydrogen and…


Information data string GROUP 155 – Gavin Long and Baton Rouge long copper metal wire, the 29 copper agents escape from Mexico prison help explain the atoMIC MICrosoft software ERRORS of Redmonds …. that CAUSE the Redlands attack on San Bernadino by Orange Show RD

translate and test … test your awareness of concepts N-paper 0026A by Herb Zinser translates  newspaper articles and other news events. List of topics covered 2 Gavin Long of Baton Rouge3 Mexico 29 escape from prison ..copper 29 code4 Escape key ….  computer5 Copper…


Isaac Asimov helps translate newspaper DATA group N47E – the EARTH nitrogen molecule 28 and the June 28, 1914 assassination DATE of Nature’s ferrous oxide iron systems … Arch Duke Ferdinand

translate and test …. test your awareness of concepts N-paper N47E  by Herb Zinser translates  newspaper articles and other news events   Isaac Asimov FOUNDATION books referred to Hari Seldon and math equations / science concepts  ….. that can be used to sometimes…